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Classy BK's Day Spa in Amarillo TX Classy BK's Day Spa in Amarillo TX

Classy BK's Day Spa in Amarillo TX

Escape to the Spa of Renewal

Classy BK's Day Spa in Amarillo TX

BK Gearn

Board Certified by the American Academy of Intradermal Cosmetics in Basics, Intermediate, Advanced and Masters training as well as Paramedical, Scar covering, Camouflage and Vitiligo Treatments. Registered Massage Therapist (MT048921), Cosmetologist, Aesthetics, Certified Cosmetic & Beauty Consultant and Licensed Barber and Nail Tech, as well as a background in the medical field as a Certified Ophthalmic Surgical Tech.

I started in the medical field in 1984 and the beauty industry in 1987. I combined both my medical and beauty training in my daily work.

I travel to Colorado and the Dallas Ft. Worth area and teach classes, in my spa, on Eyelash Extensions. I have enjoyed making others feel good about themselves be it through the medical end of my work or the beauty end.

Call or text to schedule an appointment and enjoy the calm quite atmosphere I provide as well as up class services.


Telephone:   806-681-4741

Address:    6910 West 45th  Amarillo, TX 79109