Relax, Rejuvenate, Renew


Cotton linens are soaked in a toxin cleansing and penetrating aloe-herb solution. The client lounges comfortably in the warm botanical extracts for 45 minutes. The solution of highly active concentrates tones and tightens surface skin and boosts cellular activity in deeper layers to restore elasticity and firmness to the tissues. Natural aromas benefit the body through molecular osmosis to produce positive therapeutic effects. Most clients sleep while the wrapping encourages elimination of toxins through lymphatic cleansing. Heat activates the trace elements resulting in healthy revitalized skin. Each treatment cleanses toxins from the fat cells, resulting in size loss wherever the fat is. No chemicals or dehydrating salts or clays are in this solution. The treatment is safe for anyone. No compression is used during application and the client does not perspire. After the treatment no bath is needed. The skin is soft and clean and the client is refreshed and inches smaller. Many times (an inch off the waist, an inch off the stomach, half-inch off the thighs) this loss is substantial.  Now Salons and spas can wrap men for the "lean Look" and to define muscle mass.  Set-N-Me-Free aloe-herb wrap solution will move toxins from the fat areas to reduce size.  the aloe will tone skin for a smooth "competition " look.  Professional and home car products available to best suit clients and spa needs. Drinking 3-4 liters of water during the 24 hours after the treatment will flush the toxins from the lymph system to assure that the lost size will stay off.

Swedish Aloe & Herb Body Wrap

Loose 4-16” inches with Aloe Vera and Herbs. Effective treatments for sagging skin, cellulite, blemishes, stretch marks, soreness and much more. All without dehydration. The Fat dissolving and healing herbs with pure Aloe Vera penetrates nutrients into the body which act to detoxify and regenerate cells for immediate size loss and skin toning. Increases circulation and relieves stress. You are wrapped in soft linens and allowed to recline and rest for 1 hr.

Detoxifying Paraffin Body or Seaweed Wrap

Cleanse the toxins out of your body with a special sea salt body exfoliation. Then have your body painted with paraffin or seaweed mud that will detoxify, and hydrate as well as condition your skin. Last you are wrapped in special blankets and laid to rest for 20 minutes while the heat and seaweed mud penetrates into the skin.

Body Masking

Treatments done on certain parts of the body that show cellulite, age spots ore stretch marks and scars. Recommend a series of treatments for best results.

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