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Sugaring as the solution for hair removal


Alexandria Sugaring in Amarillo Texas

The Alexandria sugar paste is a 100% natural, safe and gentle solution to hair removal for women, men and children. The art of professional body sugaring has grown in popularity in salons and spas over the past decade.

Sugaring offers numerous unique and diverse benefits. The most important advantage is very fundamental: the Alexandria Professionalâ„¢ technique extracts hair in its natural direction of growth and does so when the hair is still in the early growth stage (referred to as the anagen stage).

The new sugar method is a taffy like paste which is applied to the opposite way your hair grows. This allows seeping under the hair and skin so that when the hair is flicked off, it is done so in its natural growth direction, thus taking with it the root and follicle of the hair, with lubrication for ease in extraction. Because you extract the hair; root and all, hair will take longer to grow back, and after a couple of sessions, you will notice the hair coming in less, finer, softer and spacer, which can lead to permanency.

There are no messy strips to work with, and you apply the sugar at body temperature. Because it is natural, you need only water to clean it up. No chemicals like in wax to remove from skin and because of it being natural there is no damage to live skin tissues as in other products, which cause premature wrinkling. It is bacteria free, so you can no get an infection from it.

Sugar is safe to use on pregnant women, unlike some products. Both men and women benefit from using sugar as it is non abrasive. In shaving, hair is tugged and cut off at the skin surface, causing skin irritation, e.g. razor burn or cuts.

Other Methods

Depilatories are composed of harsh chemicals which work to disintegrate hair at the hair line, weakening hair and allowing it to be rubbed off. The chemicals in depilatories can be very irritating to the skin.

Abrasives are like a mild sand paper, used to remove fine hair by rubbing it off leaving irritation.

Threading is tugging out the hair by quick manipulation of hands, fingers, mouth and thread leaving a high percentage of broken hairs.

Waxing available in various forms (i.e. hot wax, cold was or liquid). They all share similar similarities. All wax products contain chemicals, bees wax and or resins, and are removed by gripping the edge of the wax and ripping it off or applying cloth strips to the wax, allowing it to dry then again ripping it off. It has to be heating at a very high temperature to become liquefied, which can result in burning and scarring.

Electrolysis is a method in which a fine probe (needle) is inserted into the follicle until it reaches the root. Electricity (galvanized current is conducted through the needle to fill the hair root). It is time consuming and very costly for large areas which much hair is to be extracted.

Tweezing is painful and time consuming and often need to be repeated two or three times a week.

Laser consists of an invisible laser beam being cast over the area to be treated. The light waves are absorbed by some colors and not by others, causing the darker colors to heat up. Lasers do not work well on unpigmented (gray or blonde) or on people whose skin color is too similar. It cannot be used during pregnancy.


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